Foam Eductors


4060 Foam Eductors


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4060-15 15 GPM Foam Eductor
4060-30 30 GPM Foam Eductor
4060-50 50 GPM Foam Eductor
4060-70 70 GPM Foam Eductor
4060-95 95 GPM Foam Eductor


• Fits 1-½" hose lines and are available in 5 flow rates.

• Comes with standard Checkvalve set for a fixed 1% eduction ratio.

• Checkvalves are available, upon request, for 0.5% or 3% eduction rates.

• Match to Scotty Air Aspirating Nozzles of the same flow rate.

• Can be mounted at the pump or in "End-of-Line" position.

• Maximum downstream hose length of 150 ft. when mounted at the pump.

NOTE: When ordering checkvalves, the flow rate of the eductors must be specified.


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