Foam Eductor Backpack Systems

Nozzle, Eductor with Pistol Grip Shut-Off and 5 gallon Backpack




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15 GPM - 57 L/min
4025BP30 30 GPM - 114 L/min
4030BP50 50 GPM - 190 L/min
4031SBP50 50 GPM - 190 L/min
4033BP70 70 GPM - 256 L/min
4034SBP70 70 GPM - 256 L/min
4035MBP70 70 GPM - 256 L/min
4037MBP 70 GPM - 256 L/min
4037FBP70 70 GPM - 256 L/min

With portable foam systems, every fire hose line becomes a foam line.
For versatility and flexibility, Scotty has eight different flow rates. All units

• Backpack with 5 gallon capacity.

• Foam Pick-up Hose with foam control Quick Connector.

• Air Aspirating Nozzle with matching Foam Eductor.

• D-Handle Shut-Off with Pistol Grip, 1-½" thread.

The first 4 digits correspond to the nozzle included; the last two digits indicate
the flow rate (GPM).

Systems available with NP, NHT(A) and BSP(B) threads. (Please indicate
threads when ordering from your distributor).

Optional Variable Checkvalve: The Back Pack systems can be fitted with the 4064 Variable Checkvalve foam control unit. This extra option gives the operator the ability to control the foam percentage being educted. The presets are OFF, .5%, 1% and 3%.

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